True You

Are you ready to discover your True You?


It’s easy to lose yourself in the rush of the modern world. We become defined by our responsibilities and our professions, and can often feel like our inner voice gets lost amongst the noise of living.

If you want the chance to discover who you really are, True You has been designed with you in mind. Join me in 1:1 consultations and enjoy exploring how you think and how your thoughts are affecting your personal happiness.

Everyone has a truly unique way of thinking. Dr Leaf, leading Neurologist [insert full name and supporting qualifications/institute], has researched and built an understanding of how we think in order to be able to create tools to help you reach your full potential.

This programme helps you:

  • identify why you perceive things the way you do
  • work through problems more effectively,
  • understand why other people respond differently to you
  • understand yourself in a unique way.

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This programme includes:

  • 5 one hour sessions, each building on the learnings from the previous session
  • Free downloadable e-book
  • Free text and email support throughout the programme
  • Personalised wellbeing-steps for you to action between sessions.
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