During the Covid 19 epidemic, I could NOT find any liquid hand soap. To make matters worse, the last one that I actually managed to find in the supermarket cost nearly $10 for 500 ml for just an ordinary one.

So I used the opportunity to experiment and came up with one that not only works well, but is suitable for people with sensitive skins, eczema, intolerances and is really cheap. I was really impressed with how soft my skin felt using it and it only cost 30c per 500 ml!!

Ingredients needed to make your hand soap/body wash:

A bar of soap – whichever one you like
Aqueous cream if you have sensitive skin. Another body lotion if you don’t.



Method to make your own Hand Soap or Body Wash

Grate the bar of soap
Put into a large pot and add 12 – 13 cups of water
Heat and mix until all the soap has dissolved
Allow to cool overnight
The next day, mix it to make sure the thickness is right. If too thick, add more water and heat again and then cool.
Add a few tablespoons body cream (I used aqueous cream). This makes a big difference to it not being drying on your hands.

Optional: A few drops of an essence, but then it may not be suitable for sensitive skins.

Decant into a pump bottle. As it was during the Covid 19 lockdown that I made this, I had to use a previous soap bottle. If you wanted, you could find a fancy bottle to put it into. I’d love to see your pictures.