Living With Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition that affects 1 in every 10 women of reproductive age. Some women experience significant symptoms and some have no symptoms at all. Endometriosis Is Classified According To 4 Stages: Stage I Endometriosis: Typically small...

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Intermittent Fasting: To do or not to do?

Intermittent fasting has become very popular. It is now something that many women jump onto. Intermittent fasting takes on many different forms. Some examples are: The 5:2 diet. This involves lower calories on 2 days of the week, with the rest of the days still having...

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Spiced Christmas Biscuits

Christmas is a time for fun. These Christmas biscuits are simple to make and of course the icing on top gives it an extra bonus, but they are delicious plain too. These could make great gifts if you are on a budget. Makes about 30 (5-6cm diameter) biscuits....

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Your wellbeing: Prebiotics versus Probiotics

Prebiotics are substances used by the bacteria in your gut to feed on. More and more evidence is showing the benefit of these bacteria – they support your immune system, they play a role in mental health, they assist with digestion of foods and they play a role in...

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IBS – What you need to know

Do you experience bloating, cramping, or have had changes in your bowel habits? It could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but it is important not to assume that. It can be embarrassing to talk about, but it’s an important topic because it can make sufferers miserable… In...

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Easter is here

Easter is nearly upon us and those tempting glossy eggs are popping up everywhere. Do you enjoy the abundance of treats during this holiday? Or does the thought of the hotcross buns waiting for you in the staff room, the Easter eggs stashed away for your children, or...

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