Autoimmune Diseases & Inflammatory Conditions

Autoimmune diseases and other inflammatory conditions are essentially diseases that result from an overactive immune response in the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body, ie. the body actually attacks its own cells. There are several autoimmune diseases including:


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Multiple Sclerosis

Coeliac Disease

Fibromyalgia and Psoriasis are not autoimmune diseases, but diet can help play a role in helping reduce the symptoms of these conditions.

How Diet Helps

Some fatty acids in modern diets can be pro-inflammatory, increasing the body’s immune response (while other dietary acids are anti-inflammatory). Through dietary changes, we can shift the balance in our eating to reduce the fatty acids that increase our inflammation response.

We can also weaken our immune system by compromising the junctions in our gastro-intestinal tract. Certain proteins found in foods have the ability to increase the production of a hormone that increases the permeability of the membrane in our gastro-intestinal tract, thereby allowing these proteins through, which can stimulate the immune system.

The 30-day Diet Challenge

Diane Stride's 30-day diet challenge focuses on real foods while reducing foods that may be playing havoc with clients' immune systems. By focusing on plenty of vegetables to ensure adequate nutrient intakes, the programme removes:

Foods that are potentially increasing the inflammatory process in the body.

Proteins that may result in damage to the gut lining and increased inflammation.

Foods that increase stress on the body and result in excessive insulin and cortisol responses.

Dietitians in the US are having a huge success rate (over 80%) in helping people reduce symptoms and improve their quality of life with diets such as the 30-day diet challenge. But it is important to note that the diet doesn’t cure the disease, it can only reduce symptoms by reducing inflammation and other stresses placed on the body. 

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