History of Yo-Yo Dieting/Overeating

History of Yo-Yo dieting

For some people eating has become a struggle and knowledge is often not the answer.

Does this sound familiar?

"I know what to eat, I just don't know how to do it"

"I've tried many diets, some with success, but none of them seem to be the right one"

"I can't stop the cravings - I just must have something sweet every day


Many of us overeat from time to time. However, some people regularly overeat, their eating gets out of control, and they feel they can’t stop. This is followed by feelings of guilt, depression and self-loathing, not understanding why they can't stop eating. This kind of cycle is often exacerbated by diets, which focus on a set of rules with no thought to the person within.


I feel
bad about

I'll go
on a diet

I’ve lost a
bit of weight
and feel really


Why can’t
I control my

I’ll just
have 1 piece
of cake


I feel really
guilty and

I’ve blown
it and can’t
stop eating

Diane Stride can help with Eating Struggles

The good news is there is a way out.  Diane has a passion for working alongside clients to empower them to start taking control from within.  This psycho-dynamic model works through educating clients so that they understand how their body functions. The approach Diane takes, is to take clients through a wellbeing program to help them achieve goals around their eating, health and other life areas to help them be the best they can be.

With a passion for helping people with weight and dietary issues, Diane Stride has many years experience working as an independent dietitian and alongside other medical specialists.

Diane is an accredited practitioner with the Australian Centre for Eating Disorders.  She has also completed other comprehensive training and is well equipped with the necessary skills to help and guide you along a path to developing a healthy relationship with food.

Call Diane today on 027 505 6247 for an appointment or make a booking online here.


The initial consultation is $160 and is up to an hour

Follow ups are generally $130.  Follow ups are usually weekly for 2 sessions and then fortnightly.