What is Nutrigenomix and how will it benefit me?

Our genes explain how well we're using nutrients from the food we eat and how you can alter your diet to improve health. By analysing your genes, you can adjust your diet to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.  

We are all unique and we all have our own genetic make up. But now, thanks to Nutrigenomix, we can test the 45 most common genetic markers including: vitamin C, folate, whole grains, omega-3 fats, saturated fat, sodium and caffeine. By tailoring nutritional intake according to these test results, the benefits of nutrition for optimal health can be maximised. 

Aiming For Optimal Health

When it comes to individual diets, a one-size-fits-all approach rarely leads to optimal health for everyone. Research has shown that personalised dietary advice based on DNA is more valuable than general population-based recommendations. Nutrigenomix has developed a safe, easy-to-use kit enabling Diane Stride Dietitian to extract a sample for DNS testing then develop dietary plans tailored to her clients' unique genetic profiles once results have returned. And remember, because our genes don't change during our lifetime, you only have to be tested once.

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