Are you drinking too much coffee? Are you getting enough Omega-3 fat? The  answer may be in your genes. Revolutionary Nutrigenomix gene testing can tell you  how your genes interact with the foods and beverages you consume.

Diane Stride Dietitian is very excited to be the exclusive provider of this fantastic service to existing and new clients in the central and lower North Island, New Zealand. Nutrigenomix sheds valuable light on how your genes and bodily inputs work together so you can live a healthier and happier life.

Scientifically Proven

Nutrigenomix is evidence-based, well-researched genetic testing. Knowing how your genes respond to what you put into your body can have a lifelong effect on your health. Each Nutrigenomix test only needs to be carried out once, as DNA doesn't change over a lifetime. Nutrigenomix testing is only available in the central and lower North Island of New Zealand through Diane Stride Dietitian.

Genes, Nutrients & Outcomes

Are you efficiently utilising nutrients based on your genes? Did you know that some have a gene that means caffeine isn't metabolised effectively, which makes them susceptible to heart disease? Other genes mean an increased risk for an Achilles tendon injury. The way our genes interact with what we put into our bodies results in a variety of outcomes.

The Nutrigenomix 45-Gene Test

The Nutrigenomix 45-Gene Test consists of a panel of 45 genetic markers that enables Diane Stride Dietitian to provide you with personalised nutritional recommendations based on your DNA. This test determines how your body responds to many dietary inputs including vitamin C, folate, whole grains, omega-3 fats, saturated fat, sodium and caffeine. The test results are presented in a customised report containing dietary recommendations based on your individual results. And remember, because our genes don't change during our lifetime, you only have to be tested once.


For me, the main reason for doing it, as that I have a family history of heart disease , so I wanted to know how I can eat according to my genes to limit my risk factor for particularly heart disease.

What I have learnt is which nutrients I particularly need to focus on, as I don’t utilise them well. It doesn’t mean I need to take supplements, but rather that I need to include them in my diet on a daily basis to maximise utilisation. I also don’t metabolise caffeine well and can therefore potentially increase my risk of heart disease if I consume too much.

There are many other interesting things I have learnt and although I know I eat a well-balanced healthy diet, there are some things that even I will now fine tune to maximise my health from what I eat.

The Nutrigenomix reports gives valuable information about “how I work”. It has given me another piece to the jigsaw puzzle of “me”.

It’s been interesting to see what the gene results have shown in relation to what I eat and how my body absorbs various nutrients. Having a book to look at, showing the foods I should be consuming, will be very good for me.

The most useful thing I learnt from the test was the particular food sources and what I need for my body to function better.


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