Pre-Diabetes is a state whereby a person's glucose levels are higher than the norm, but they haven't yet met the criteria for a Diabetes diagnosis. Pre-Diabetes management aims to prevent the progression to a Diabetes diagnosis.

Pre-Diabetes Prevalence in New Zealand

Unfortunately, the pre-diabetes rate in New Zealand continues to increase with approximately 5-10% of those diagnosed with pre-diabetes eventually developing diabetes. According to the 2008-09 New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey, the prevalence of pre-diabetes was 26% in New Zealand, and the prevalence of diabetes was 7% of the population.*
*Prevalence of Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes. Edgar Diabetes & Obesity Research (University of Otago Research Centre). 

How is Diabetes diagnosed?

Your GP will order a laboratory test as part of screening if he or she feels you are at risk. In New Zealand, intermediate hyperglycaemia is defined as an HBA1C level of 41-49 mmol/mol.

What is Diane Stride's role and experience in Pre-Diabetes?

Having been part of a pre-diabetes research project, as well as working with an endocrinologist (a diabetes specialist), Diane has gained comprehensive experience to successfully help many people reduce their HBA1C level to within a normal range, thereby reducing their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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